Críticas de libros y ahora también de cine

En este trimestre comenzamos la sección de reseñas de libros en inglés dentro del programa bilingüe del centro. Ahora también incorporamos críticas de películas. Pueden ser románticas, de acción o dramas. Lo importante es explicar por qué te ha gustado y por qué recomiendas al resto del alumnado que la vea. Si quieres hablar de tu película favorita, habla con tu profe de inglés para poder enviarla al blog. ‘El cine es vida!

A Cinderella Story

A review by Maria Carolina Salamy     

A Cinderella Story is an entertaining work of romance by the director Mark Rosman. It’s a very popular movie, and its combination is romance and family.

The setting of the story is the house that Sam (Hilary Duff) shares with her mother Fiona and her mean sisters. It’s about Sam, a teenager in California, who is obligated to work as a janitor and dishwasher in the diner of her stepmother. After a cell phone mix-up, Sam begins an anonymous text-messaging and email relationship with a boy. They agree to meet at a school dance, but when Sam finds out that her secret pen pal is none other than Austin Ames, the most popular boy in school, she panics and looks for a way to make herself cooler.

A Cinderella Story is an interesting romance. It is written nicely, and I think that the movie is amazing. I would recommend A Cinderella Story to everyone.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher´s Stone

Review by Carolina María Berger Martín, 3ºD

Harry Potter and the Philosopher´s Stone is a book written by J.K Rowling. Is a science fiction, fantasy and adventure book. The main characters are three friends called Harry, Hermione and Ron, the setting is in a castle, which is a school of magic. Harry is a boy who survived the dark magic of a villain, who wants to destroy him, there are six books more that tell the end of the story. I think it is a great book and very enjoyable to read. I recommend reading the book and then watching the film because it has amazing special effects.

A walk to remember

Review by María Merchán Gallardo 3ºC

A Walk to Remember is a wonderful novel by author Nicholas Sparks. There is a movie based on the story of this book, which is about love and learning about life. The story begins in 1958 that deals with Landon, a boy who had several girlfriends and believed he had already fallen in love. But all that changes when he meets Jamie Sullivan, the pastor’s daughter, a quiet girl who always went everywhere with a Bible and who took care of her widowed father, but all that changes when Landon invites Jamie to the dance and there his life would change forever. A Walk to Remember is a beautiful and incredible story, it is emotional and it’s a
story that truly teaches you to value the people around you. It’s a beautiful book and I recommend everyone read it.


Review by Olivia Padilla Navarro 3ºB

After is a wonderful book by the author Anna Todd is the first book of a saga. It´s a romance history. This book was created in 2019. There is a film about this book. This book is set in the university WCU. The main character is a girl called Tessa and a boy called Hardin. When Tessa changes university she meets Hardin at a party. Then Hardin’s friends dare him to make Tessa fall in love. After they start dating until Tessa finds out that it was all a lie so she gets upset and they break up, but Hardin is truly falling in love but Tessa doesn´t believe him. But lucky for him they end up together. I really like this book, it is so interesting and entertaining. I recommend After here become every and recommend the other book to understand the complete history.

Las lágrimas de Shiva

Review by Elena Anaïs Tonia Romani 3ºB

Las lagrimas de Shiva is a book of intrigue and adventure, written by Cesar Mallorqui, this work is a mixture of intrigue, action, suspense, love… It tells the story of a boy who has to travel to the house of his uncles, descendants of the Obregón family. There he will discover the true meaning of life and will take a great example from his four cousins.

In the summer of 1969, Javier had to spend a few months with his uncles and cousins because his father had a contagious illness. The young man doesn’t want to spend the summer there, he doesn’t remember his uncles and aunts, and the fact of spending several weeks in a house with four teenagers doesn’t please him at all. However, he will gradually get used to the rhythm of Villa Candelaria, to his strange inventor uncle who spends more time in his workshop in the basement than his aunt who plays classical music softly, and to the different personalities of the four young people who are called the four flowers: Rosa, Margarita, Violeta and Azucena. In addition to going to the beach, visiting Santander, trying to get along with his cousins, especially Violeta, seems to have declared war on the young man’s taste for science fiction, Javier will discover a mystery that is unique to him. the house: one of nards that only he perceives, the flight of a skirt twirling a corridor and a mystery that begs to be solved: who was Beatriz Obregón ? And what are the Lagrimas de Shiva?

If you have already read César Mallorquí, you will recognise his own style in the pages of this novel, of agile dialogues, mysteries and adventures, with literary and first-person narration. If you haven’t read anything by the author yet and you like stories of mysteries and teenage love, I highly recommend this book!

Reseñas de películas y libros

Arrancamos una nueva sección en el blog de ComunicA del IES Ben al Jatib. El alumnado del centro publicará periódicamente reseñas de películas y libros en inglés para fomentar el hábito de la lectura y el uso del cine como herramienta didáctica.